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What does a healthy relationship look and feel like?


  1.  What does a healthy relationship look and feel like?



  1.  How would I recognize an abusive or harmful relationship?



  1.  How do I know if I am devalued by someone?



  1.  What do I deserve in any close relationship?



  1.  In an unhealthy relationship, what is missing?



  1.  In what ways are abusive and healthy relationships similar?



  1.  What beliefs about love does the media want us to believe?  What does the media show us?



  1.  What are some of the most common characteristics and behaviors  I might see in my friend/partner that could be warning signs for me to seek help?



  1.  What barriers and beliefs about ourselves can prevent us from experiencing love?



  1. What are some basic rights that I am entitled to in any relationship?  What rights do I owe others?



  1.  I have just met someone that I think I can really life.  How  can I judge if this person is worth taking a risk with?  Are there signs I should be looking for as I get to know him/her?


  1. I recognize that I have experienced harmful relationships (everyone has).  What can I do to help myself prevent this in the future?