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Tapping into the Wisdom of your Body and Mind to Relieve Stress, Pain PTSD, and Emotional Issues


You don’t have to go to Boston University to get this very successful training on how to use the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Ease Stress, Pain, PTSD,  Illness, Aging and Emotional Ups and Downs*

Shared with you by Dr. Candace Cole-McCrea, who studied the methods to teach others and to help with her own disability.  This is an 8 week course.

 Part I. A New Way of Using Our Minds (Foundations, Breathing and Sitting Practices to ease Suffering: Working with Our Body through Waking Practices to Ease Suffering: All Together in One Day)


Part II. A New Way of Thinking about Health and Illness  (A New Way of Thinking: Healing and Doctors: Evidence that This Works: Connect the Dots)


Part III. Stress and More Stress  (Understanding What Stress Is and Does; Beating Stress)

Part IV. Dealing with Specific Physical, Emotional and Social Challenges  ( Physical Pain, Emotional Pain, Fear, Panic, and Anxiety; Time Stress, Sleep Stress, Food Stress: People Stress, Role Stress, World Stress)


Part V. Going on From Here; Wrapping It Up; Closure Pot Luck;  (Keeping up the Practice)