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Critical Thinking and Social Media Analysis

Critical Thinking and Social Media Analysis—Course Understanding Assignment

You have the choice of either just getting credit for attendance or for getting credit for completing the course.  If you want credit for attending, you need  to nothing except attend.  If you want credit for completing the course, then you need to attend and complete this assignment and turn it in by the next class meeting.  (You may help each other but each have to come up with different examples).

Assignment:  Explain using  examples from your reading and class discussion of eight of the following: 


  1.  Mine is better thinking
  2. Selective perception
  3. Pretending to know
  4. Resistance to change
  5. Either/or thinking
  6. Overgeneralizing
  7. Stereotyping
  8. Hasty conclusion
  9. Unwarranted assumption
  10. Failure to make a distinction
  11. Oversimplification
  12. Explaining away
  13. Shifting the burden of proof