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Life and Prison Lessons taught to us, by Nelson Mandella and Viktor Frankl.

Nelson Mandella was imprisoned in a hell hole for many years, yet survived, not only physically, but psychologically.  He used his prison experience to become stronger…strong enough to emerge as one of the greatest black leaders of Africa…succeeding in fighting white power to the point that his enemies respected and revered him.

Viktor Frankl was held in Nazi concentration camps, for years, as a Jew.  He also was dehumanized and suffered events that, supposedly no one could survive.  Yet, he too, survived, not only physically, but psychologically and went on to become the founder of a school of resilient psychology.

Both of these men became gentler, kinder, yet stronger and more determined men, taking strengths and wisdom from their experiences.

In this class, we will learn what these men have to say to us, from a personal student of Viktor Frankl, who also was privileged to meet Nelson Mandella.  We will not read their autobiographies, but will read some of their later-in-life words written to help us all get through the suffering of any circumstance to become persons we ourselves can be proud to be.

This class is taught by candace.