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Enter This Home


By Candace Cole-McCrea


Enter this home cheerfully;

Your attitudes are the companionship you offer.


Enter this home considerately

Remembering Who has sanctified this house.


Enter this home tolerantly;

Our ways may be different than yours.


Enter this home responsibly;

Your behavior will have an effect on our souls.


Enter this home kindly;

We so appreciate your coming.


Enter this home gratefully;

The strengths within it are yours for the asking,

The weaknesses, opportunities for forgiveness.


And if on occasion, none of this seems possible…

Enter this home prayerfully.

Simply ask for or offer help

That we may share the loving Haven

We pray our home to be.


In the Native American way, you will find:

  1. A burden basket on the door to drop your burdens in before entering.  You may leave them there or pick them up when you leave.


  1. We ask you to remove your shoes before entering unless doing so offends you.

We thank you for these considerations.Welcome.