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American Indian Spirituality—an Introduction

This 4 week course introduces students to the spiritual beliefs and life practices of Native American Indians. The hope is that students will learn life practices and develop spiritual tools to aid them in daily life.  Ethics, spiritual values, and a Native relationship with nature will be emphasized and explained.  No previous understanding or experience is necessary.  This class is open to anyone or any age, who is curious and seeking to enhance spiritual life.  People of all religions are welcome as well as the content of this course will be on living in balance with the world, other people and nature and will not challenge any religions or faiths.  This class is taught by a woman who is Mohawk through her father, therefore some extra time may be spent discussing the Mohawk spiritual heritage specifically, though the course will concentrate on “universal” Native American ways.


Sharing of Personal Stories/Heritage

Explanation and Discussion of Whole Person Medicine Wheel

Discussion of the Implications of Individualism vs. Collectivism

Nature Assignment


Healing through Volition using the Mecicine Wheel

A perspective on the meaning of a Human Being

Share previous nature assignment.  New Nature assignment given.


The Story of the Creation of the Iroquois Confederacy

Implications for how the Iroquois History affects our lives today

Discussion and explanation of Symbols: feathers bound together, tree of peace, cutting roots in personal lives, power animals, medicine bags

Previous nature assignment discussed.

New Nature assignment given.


Explanation and discussion of 7 Life Values

Explanation and discussion of 10 Life Practices

Seven Generation Law

Discussion of Previous Nature Assignment

Closing discussion:  How has this course affected you?