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The Seeing-Eye Dog

New Children’s Book Illustrates the Power of Friendship

Candace Cole-McCrea releases new book, The Seeing-Eye Dog

MILTON, N.H. – In her new children’s book, The Seeing-Eye Dog: A Story of Brotherly Love (published by Inspiring Voices), author Candace Cole-McCrea illustrates the power of kindness and friendship, that diversity need not be adversity, but can actually enrich relationships with others.


Based on a true story, The Seeing-Eye Dog tells the tale of how one dog comes to the rescue of another, something that could only happen because both dogs had learned to value each other’s differences.


“A big Newfoundland dog and a small beagle are best friends,” Cole-McCrea sets up the story. “Though they are very markedly dissimilar in appearance, personal taste and lifestyle, they have learned to respect and cherish each other. 


They discover how important diversity is when the beagle gets lost and hurt and the Newfoundland rescues the beagle.”  If the Newfoundland wasn’t very different in size, shape and personality than the beagle, the beagle would have died.


The Newfoundland, Ted E. Bear, and the beagle, Waggles, show readers, through a true life example, how personal differences are gifts to share and how true friendships can reach across any barrier.


“It teaches diversity, kindness, generosity of spirit and how dreams can come true, even when the world says otherwise,” says Cole-McCrea. “It uses dogs, in a true story, to offer this message.”


About the Author

Candace Cole-McCrea lives in New Hampshire. She is a retired professor who works with victims of disease, trauma, disability, mental illness, addiction, violence, and convicted felons.  She consults and writes of recovery, relying primarily on Gandhian, Quaker, and her Iroquois heritage.  Her services are offered free of charge when needed. She uses a wheelchair, was herself blinded and physically and psychically victimized for many years but has learned how to use her challenges to enrich life. She is also the adoptive mother of a son with autism/fetal alcohol syndrome who has achieved far beyond any prognosis. She can be reached at and is available through technology to people at a distance.


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